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At InspiringTrend, our passion is to help companies stay ahead of the curve in their markets by anticipating changes and disruptions, identifying new opportunities and drivers for innovation, and developing innovative offerings faster.


We have developed digital solutions that enable you to be more efficient and more relevant to:

  • Create a dynamic vision of the markets

  • Decipher the deployment of the actors

  • Activating the levers of innovation to build competitive advantage

  • Designing innovative offers


We combine advanced semantic analysis technologies with proprietary analysis tools such as macro trends, customer expectations, business models, key technologies, partnerships and ecosystems.

Our data-visualisation tools and analysis grids allow you to very quickly read and analyse the targeted information in order to identify the key learnings.



Disruption Dashboard

Gain de temps

Our Solutions

Our Process

Our strategic intelligence process dedicated to innovation topics and growth markets brings together various exclusive analysis tools :

With IntelligenceMaker™,


Be inspired by thousands of innovations,

Access a stream of innovations focused on 160 growth markets, selected and deciphered thanks to our exclusive intelligence and data-visualization tools. 

Anticipate the disruptions fostered by start-ups, 


Decipher current and future disruptions in your markets by analyzing the deployment and development of more than 400,000 start-ups worldwide.


With iMaker Corporate,

Promote Collective Intelligence,

Access an all-in-one corporate intelligence platform focused on your specific topics.

 Use our functionalities to monitor your core sources, organize & share your content internally.

 Help teams produce actionable analysis faster and more efficiently. 


Our Services

Our Customers & Partners

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The entire InspiringTrend team is proud to be a Laureate of the 2019 Start Program supported by the Réseau Entreprendre Val de Marne.


Curation de contenus

Selection , editing & sharing of the most relevant content.


Market dynamics,
business models, innovation levers & 
innovative offers.


Decipher disruptions, revisit its offers, innovate faster, disruptive organizations


Training of teams in the use and enhancement of our tools and standards.

The Team

Laurent Hassid

Gérald Sézille

Anaëlle Collet

Sacha Largenton

Anne-Christine AYED

Co-founder & President

Co-founder & Managing Director

VP Marketing & Ventes

Directrice des opérations


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