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Our mission?
Inspiring your

New Business Strategy

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Get access to inspiring 
structured data 

01. Value information

The most complete solution on the market for enhancing strategic information: from data collection, decryption and analysis, to implementing action.

02. Analyze in real-time

A unique combination of technological bricks dedicated to semantic analysis and data visualization up to the production of actionable key learnings.

03. Innovate

Reference tools for dynamic monitoring of market trends as well as for taking action on the design of your offers and early detection of new opportunities.

Methodically decipher the markets


Business Models

Industry Sectors

Applicable Filters




Client Expectations

Skim through information in the most effective way

Links Exploration

Word Cloud


Systematic Overview

Make use of strong transformation levers to take action
without delay

Integrate the ecological transition into your strategy

Design and revisit your offers by integrating innovation bricks

Build partnerships
and business ecosystems to go further - faster

Discover our solutions

NextBusinessModels ™

Our NextBusinessModels™ platform provides you with an in-depth understanding of the far landscape of Business Models in the maket, to help inspire the design of new offers. The platform includes a catalogue of +10,000 innovative offers deciphered by the application of InspiringTrend's in-house developed analysis tools.

iPowerStartups ™

Our iPowerStartups™ platform is a digital solution compiling more than 600,000 startups categorized according to the high-stake topics they address. InspiringTrend has developed a methodology making it possible to anticipate disruptions in the market, to decipher the levers of innovation, but also to detect high-potential startups.

CircularMaker ™

Our CircularMaker™ platform is a digital service designed to help seize new opportunities associated with the rapidly expanding circular economy.

Access a catalogue of thousands of applicable actions and circular solutions to inspire your sustainable strategy.

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