A methodology to structure market intelligence and anticipate the changes to come

Updated: May 21

Our market intelligence frameworks will reinforce your analysis and help you take action immediately.

Through our methodology, we share with you a unique reading grid, based on the experience acquired by Laurent Hassid, during his more than 20 years of work in the fields of strategy and competitive intelligence.

These "reading prisms" enable our team to structure information and analyze the deployment of innovations by asking 5 systematic questions:

- What Business Models are being deployed?

- What Customer Expectations are being addressed?

- What are the Megatrends these innovative offers connect to?

- What are the Key Technologies used to create these offers?

We aim to aid our clients to apply the right reading perspectives, systematically applied to the decoded content we provide. Thus, enable them, by understanding the story of the markets, to anticipate what is to come.

Decrypt to understand and act before other do - be one step ahead of tomorrow's challenges!

Our intelligence platforms will inspire you in the design of innovative new offers and the re-composition of your existing strategies.

There is no question that the ongoing market transformation is driven by technologies, however, at InspiringTrend we strongly believe that most big players dismiss the massive role that innovative business models play in this revolution: The combination of new business models to accelerate innovation is the first cornerstone in developing an increasingly customer-centric approach - and thus answering to the customer expectations and demands that due to the transformation we are witnessing right now, are standing at the very top of requirements for a successful brand.

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