Augmented & Sustainable Packaging


The aim here is to find advanced materials that can be coupled with digital technologies in order to diversify the functionalities of packaging and improve the customer experience.

The solutions identified, particularly in terms of processes, must be in line with the principles of sustainability.

Scope & Methodology:

Cross-sector analysis of packaging-related innovations and development of transposition scenarios in the sector specific to the mission.

Scoring of the innovations to make a top-list emerge from a scoring grid based on several criteria, in particular: the sustainable dimension, the complexity and the cost of deployment, the packaging functionalities addressed or the maturity and the scalability of the offer/technology.


All research work connected to sourcing, monitoring and the qualification of information is made available on our dedicated customer platform. Thanks to the platform, the deliverables produced are dynamic with links to the articles on each tool.


Deliverable with mapping of the mobilized key technologies, identified innovations/offers and suppliers.

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