Innovation driven by Startups: Inspiring the design of your new innovative offers


Market leaders who, faced with rapid changes in their markets, new challenges and constraints, wish to understand the ways of innovative players in their market. By doing so comprehending their strategies, the levers to their innovation and enable them to strategically design new innovative offers for their clients. All of the above can be accomplished by relying on one central innovation lever: new business models.


The exploration of the solutions proposed by innovative actors aims to obtain a synoptic and dynamic vision of the innovation axes deployed in the field. The final objective then will be to use this context and design actionable new offers.


  • Inventory of solutions provided by startups to create a database of innovative players (~ 200).

  • Analysis of the value proposition of identified startups and extraction of the pain points and challenges to which these innovative solutions respond.

  • Selection of top startups to be monitored to trigger the design innovative offers ( ~ 30) according to the selection criteria defined, in particular, key technologies and business models.

  • Representation of innovation levers & bricks through an Osterwalder canvas.

  • Realization of concrete usage scenarios around business models illustrating the desired strategic deployment: combination of offers and recommendations concerning potential partnerships & buyouts.

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